The book of Johnny Appleseed

The book of Johnny Appleseed

A handbook for apple enthusiasts.

J. Appleseed – Orange Pippin

John Chapman, also known as the legendary Johnny Appleseed, was an American nursery man in the 18th century. His mission was to collect and carefully document as many kinds of different apples. he had his mind set on introducing apple trees in the newly not yet explored lands of America.

Like a modern Johnny Appleseed, the website has collected a lot of data about al the apple varieties known today.

We made this handbook for for apple enthusiasts. In order to increase the degree of usefulness we made the booklet small and pocket sized. Along with a very detailed family tree you can also find information about the apple tree thats growing in your very own backyard. And there is room for your own personal notes. Here you can note the flowering date, the harvest date and all other important notes involving your orchard. With this book, we hope to provide a useful tool in gardening and apple nursery.

Personal notes

Apple tree ornaments

Minor – Typography & data design – Jan Willem Stas
In collaboration with – Seph Rademakers

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