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Johnny Brankaert (1988)

After graduating Design at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Johnny Brankaert has provided art-direction, design and concept for a wide range of clients spread throughout various industries. Johnny’s approach towards design is well researched and tailer-made. His work meets the need of his clients in a highly considerate way, often resulting in valuable long-term partnerships.

For Johnny, typography plays a centric role in his work. It’s usually his starting-point for it enables him to explore the boundaries and handicaps of the project at hand. Because Johnny likes to have full control over out-coming designs, many of the typography he uses are of his own making. Thanks to this workflow, Johnny has delivered dozens of custom letters to help his clients thrive in their market through unique, one of a kind design.

With almost a decade of experience in the creative field, Johnny has worked for both internationally recognised businesses, as independent entrepreneurs. Eager to keep making new work, he is always excited about future collaborations.

Currently based in the south of the Netherlands.

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