Farewell – Goodbye

Farewell – Goodbye

A book that tells a unique story of Maluku heritage and their ventures during their departure to the Netherlands.


In 1951 thousands of Moluccan soldiers and their families arrived in the Netherlands. Their transportation to the lowlands was a temporary solution to the problems that arose after Indonesia became independent from Dutch colonialism and the KNIL came to an end. Due to a shortage of regular housing and the idea that the Moluccans will soon return to their home country, the Dutch government accommodated camps for their temporary stay. However, instead of focusing on repatriation the Dutch government issued a plan to help the Moluccans integrate into the Dutch society.
Since its foundation in 1990 the Museum Maluku (MUMA) provides a historical timeline of the Moluccan community. The collections represent features and qualities of a distinct group of people with their own history and culture, the Moluccans have become constituents of the Dutch society. In that regard MUMA considers its mission to collect, retain possession of, study and present the Moluccan community in the Dutch society. Unfortunately late 2012 the museum had to close its doors and with it the valuable pieces of art and cultural secrets that will vanish for people ever to behold. This situation had led me to bundle a section of the photo collection of MUMA which I will present in a photo book. Focal point of the photo book is the history of MUMA, a photo collection of the Moluccan culture and some future recommendations MUMA can take in its contribution to carry out the Moluccan culture.


Personal project – Graduation – Willem de Kooning Academie
Photography – Thijn van der Linden

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